Region 1: New Haven

Between November 1, 2020 and March 1, 2021, HIV stakeholders in New Haven, Waterbury, Bridgeport, Stamford/Norwalk, Danbury and Hartford participated in a series of facilitated planning sessions to envision what needed to occur to end the HIV epidemic in their communities. Participants included staff of organizations providing HIV prevention and care services, planning body and task force members, and representatives of advocacy and community groups.


To date, more than 115 individuals have participated. For many of these people, it was the first time they had been formally asked to take part HIV planning process. Additional organizations will take part through April 30, 2021.


Click on the links(s) below to see the outcome of the planning activities that have occurred in this region.


Prevention, Testing and PrEP

  • More HIV Testing

  • Increase access to testing

  • Regular Testing

  • Have HIV be televised - testing, discussions, education

  • Universal free testing wherever you receive care

  • Free universal PrEP and related care

  • Reducing bureaucratic barriers to PrEP

  • Comprehensive sex histories

  • Free and accessible PrEP

  • PrEP social marketing campaign statewide

  • Routine testing for STIs to include HIV

Community Outreach and Education

  • Interactive community events with testing and education - fun ways to gather - increasing testing, awareness and reducing stigma

  • Connecting with the Trans community

  • Better scripts/descriptions on talking about HIV as an STI

  • Build community with acceptance

  • Community engagement with teachers, clergy, elected people, etc.

  • Getting into black and Latino communities

  • Increase access to HIV information through online platforms (apps)

  • Increase awareness of HIV

  • Increased education to the public

  • Community conversations on HIV

Addressing Educational Barriers/Educating on Barriers

  • Ensuring that basic psychological and self-fulfillment needs are met

  • Ability to use not-yet-approved testing methods (anal swabs) that CT won't fund/allow to be used

  • Universal health care

  • Accessible and affordable housing

  • Truth and reconciliation on racism in the medical industrial complex

  • Educate all medical and care providers on PrEP and HIV

Funding and Resources

  • Easy accessible and culturally competent healthcare

  • Universal healthcare

  • Funding and resources

  • More non-restrictive funding for CBOs

  • Expand service hours for all services - including evenings

  • Funding for HIV care and prevention workers to draw top talent

  • Resources for fostering dignity for all (housing, mental health, substance use, etc.

Addressing Stigma

  • Gender, race and socioeconomic inclusivity in media, institutions and society

  • Campaign to address stigma: HIV is not a gay disease and U=U

  • Stigma and discrimination campaign using people with HIV

  • Providers that "look like me" and are empathetic

  • Trauma-informed care has an impact on retention in care

  • Updating HIV education to focus on eliminating stigma and fear

  • Prevention without stigma

  • Ending stigma and shame - for LGBTQ and others at risk

Science-based Interventions-Focused on a Cure

  • Development of an HIV vaccine

  • Listening to science

  • U=U education, exposure, and normalization

  • More funding and research, focus on finding a cure

  • Where's OUR vaccine?

  • Develop a vaccine

Enhancing Communication and Media

  • Newsletter for consumers via text - simple bullet points

  • More easy-to-access community events for consumers

  • Addressing literacy and the digital divide


  • Cross-collaboration and info sharing between like-minded organizations

  • Enhanced connection between agencies statewide to facilitate service delivery

  • HIV positive leaders of community organizations coming together - building on their collaborations to work with other localities


  • Better use of technology and coordinated data (data to care)

New Haven Mayors Task Force

Increase Access and Retention to Care

  • Expand access and eligibility to RW care to 500% to match VT, ME and Mass.

  • Expanded housing and social services for PLWH

  • Test and identify new Dx.

  • Rapid starts

  • Housing

  • Treatment as prevention

Screening, Testing and Vaccinations (normalize testing)

  • Annual screening at points of health care entry

  • Vaccinations

  • I also think about the successes (at least in my neighborhood) of Covid testing and use that for HIV testing. I can schedule within the day, the test takes less than 90 seconds and I get results within a dat. This would be awesome for HIV testing. Quick.

  • Testing at annual blood work

  • Increased testing

  • Outreach vans - test, test, test!

  • Opt-out testing in all medical settings

  • I think about the success of mother-to-child transmission and use that as a model

Make Care Easy

  • Feel that going forward in the years to come technology will have advanced so therefore there will be a new normal coming forth

  • Free health care with no paperwork

  • Address the small things that create barriers to care

Diversify Outreach

  • Expanded condom distribution

  • Build a core of community peer outreach workers

  • Syringe exchanges

  • Free medications

  • Outreach vans to do labs and treat

  • Self testing

Coordinated Support for Those Erratically in Care

  • Coordinate list of all patients out of care

  • Community system to get/keep people in care

  • Treatment as prevention

Promote Healthy, Sexual Conversations/Normalize Healthy Sexual Behavior

  • Increased education

  • Eliminate institutional racism/poverty/stigma

  • Free HIV of stigma (internal and external)

  • Promote use of condoms like masks

  • Blast old and new social media: Radio, billboards, TV local pharmacies. Provide grant money to churches to allow educational programming in their doors

  • Signs that decrease stigma (agency signage)

  • Increase signage

  • Right to be whatever identity you are!

Health Literacy and Good Education = Good Health Care

  • PrEP education with health curricula

  • Include a required health education component about PrEP and recent legislative updates

Good Housing /Good Healthcare

  • Supportive housing for HIV elderly

  • Housing for HIV youth

Adapt COVID Successes to HIV

  • Condoms like masks - mask fatigue is like condom fatigue

  • Vaccine development timeframe